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Partnership Announcements and Updates

KLM Management Announces Sprout Fund LP

KLM Management Corporation announces the creation of its newest fund: Sprout Fund.  

The fund will be focused on high-potential, early-stage technology companies in Canada. The fund will be taking small stakes in companies with strong series-A funding potential. 

The initial investment will average $50,000 for up to 18 companies. Our criteria are focused on the soundness of the core business concept, the experience and dedication of the founders, and the potential for a seed- or series-A round within 24 months.

Sprout Fund investments will carry a contracted 2-year exit plan.  To achieve that goal, the General Partners will mentor company founders on getting their product or service to series-A potential, and assisting to acquire follow-on capital to fund growth and a Sprout Fund exit.

The first funding round for Sprout Fund is targeted at $1 million, will be restricted to 50 Limited Partners, and is expected to close over the next 12 months.  

For more information, please visit sproutfund.ca or contact the General Partners.

Lindsay Dodd