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Sprout Fund Leads First Round of Investment in Cash Flow Forecasting Software Dryrun

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Sprout Fund Leads First Round of Investment in Cash Flow Forecasting Software Dryrun

Sprout Fund LP has acquired an interest in Edmonton-based LEVR Media, and seeks to empower accounting professionals with the first round of investment in cash flow forecasting software, Dryrun.

Edmonton, Alberta, May 24, 2019 – Sprout Fund LP has officially announced the first seed round of investment in cash flow forecasting software, Dryrun. Sprout Fund focuses on identifying high-potential, early-stage technology companies and providing the startup capital necessary to spur growth. The investment in Dryrun comes on the heels of Sprout Fund LP successfully raising $1 million for its inaugural early-stage technology fund in March 2019.

Dryrun was chosen for investment due to the team’s established expertise and the software’s demonstrated capabilities to keep end users from facing a deadly cash flow crisis.  Dryrun is offered to accounting professionals as a value-added service for their clients and to small business owners to help them manage critical cash flow.

The cash flow forecasting software is a cloud-based SaaS product that integrates with leading accounting and sales tracking tools used by companies around the world. Dryrun allows accounting professionals to deliver a broad range of cash flow-related services to their small-business clients.  It saves time and effort, improves forecast accuracy, and helps these firms transition from legacy transactional services into high-value advisory roles.

“We’re excited to have Sprout Fund set the foundation for our first round of investment,” said Blaine Bertsch, Founder of Dryrun. “The funds will supercharge our growth as we help more and more businesses across the globe tackle their number one issue – cash flow"

Dryrun was selected by Intuit as a Top-10 New Global Product, selected by the Government of Canada as a Top-32 Fintech App, selected as one of four global businesses for the Association of International CPA’s business accelerator program.

“We are thrilled with the experienced team at Dryrun,” explained Kristina Milke, a Managing Partner with Sprout Fund LP. “Their easy-to-use cash flow forecasting software provides a critical service to professional finance managers around the world. The success that Blaine and his team have experienced to date provides Sprout Fund investors with confidence that this company has the capability to scale.”

To learn more about Sprout Fund LP, or to schedule an interview, contact Lindsay Dodd at (780) 887-4757, email press@sproutfund.ca, or visit https://www.sproutfund.ca.  

About Sprout Fund LP: Sprout Fund LP invests in seed and early stage technology companies with future Series A funding potential. The fund leverages the collective experience of its Managing and Limited Partners to mentor and fund high-potential technology companies. Investments range from $50,000 to $100,000 per company.

About Dryrun: Owned by LEVR Media and based in Alberta, Canada, Dryrun is groundbreaking cash flow forecasting software designed to address critical cash flow risk for accounting professionals, finance managers, decision makers, and business owners.


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