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Sprout Fund LP invests in DiveThru, a mental wellbeing app designed to help users reduce anxiety and stress 

Sprout Fund Invests in Mental Wellbeing App DiveThru  

Sprout Fund LP invests in DiveThru, a mental wellbeing app designed to help users reduce anxiety and stress 

Edmonton, Alberta, June 02, 2019 – Sprout Fund LP has invested in DiveThru, an Edmonton based startup that is part of the growing multi-billion dollar market for self-care solutions. Designed to encourage individuals to take charge of their mental wellbeing, the company’s app provides easy-to-use pathways that help users navigate their life more effectively, make better decisions and reduce stress.    

“We live in a world where anxiety and stress are ever-increasing across all age groups, income levels, and geographies,” explained Shaheel Hooda, Managing Partner at Sprout Fund LP. “We’re excited to invest in DiveThru for its bold and sincere vision to help millions of people around the world improve their mental well-being and quality of life.” 

DiveThru combines guided introspection and journaling to help users (called “divers”) DiveThru what they go thru. The app is supported by a team of licensed therapists who are responsible for creating content addressing a range of real-life situations, concerns, and stresses we all face on a regular basis.  

Sophie Gray is the founder of DiveThru. At the age of 18, she built a brand in the health and wellness space and grew her audience to more than 500,000 global followers. DiveThru, her second successful startup, is based in part on Sophie’s journey of overcoming anxiety and stress as a millennial and her quest to find tools that were both beneficial and accessible. Sophie’s story has been featured in Cosmopolitan, New York Times, People, Women’s Health, Refinery29, Marie Claire, Shape, Self, and other publications. 

“When I began opening up about my mental wellbeing, I received thousands of messages and comments from people who were facing similar situations. I realized there was a very tangible and palpable need to create something that puts individuals in charge of their own mental wellbeing. Sprout’s investment is an incredible step forward for DiveThru, as well as a much-needed beacon of hope and signal to society that we are collectively ready to pay attention to what’s going on beneath the surface. I’m thrilled to have Sprout Fund’s support as we look to equip the world with mental wellbeing resources.” 


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About DiveThru: DiveThru is an iOS and Android app developed by founder Sophie Gray. It’s designed to help users DiveThru what they go thru. Combining the power of introspection and journaling, DiveThru puts individuals in charge of their own mental wellbeing. To learn more about DiveThru, or to schedule an interview, contact Sophie Gray at press@divethru.com or visit https://www.divethru.com/


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